Black Market Group Launches ‘High Frequency Flowers’ Founded by Hip-Hop Legend Rakim: BET Weekend in California


The Black Market Group (BMG), a cannabis cultivation brand founded by women based in Northern California, announced the arrival of “High Frequency Flowers” in the California market.

Designed and curated by legendary Hip-Hop lyricist Rakimthe cannabis brand will launch June 24 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. PDT at the social equity dispensary Chez Josephine and Billie, a cannabis speakeasy founded by women. The address is 1535 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90062.

Rakim enters the California cannabis market in partnership with Black Market Group to connect conscious growers and curious consumers through a socially informed and frequency-influenced cannabis brand.

“Higher Frequency Flower was developed to help artists and deep thinkers explore and expand the universal connections that form the foundation of their creative process. We brew each of our strains and introduce new techniques and technologies that will pave the way for the next level of cannabis cultivation, Rakim said.

Chez Josephine and Billiefounded by a reality TV executive turned cannabis industry CEO Whitney Beatty with entrepreneur and COO Andersen in ebonywill celebrate the launch of Rakim’s “High Frequency Flower” and will be the first outlet in California to officially carry the brand.

The event will take place during BET Weekend with a D-town native DJ House Shoes set the tone; delicious tacos will be served for the enjoyment of the community. Customers can purchase the individually numbered limited edition of Higher Frequency Flowers, Justin Boua portrait bags exclusively signed by Rakim. Los Angeles-based street artist and creative director ABCN will perform a live mural activation for cultural sensory overload.

After GMB making a lot of noise in the New York market with their “420 Smoke in the City” launch party – the emerging brand house is proud to share its common goal with Higher Frequency Flower which is to produce phenomenal cannabis by empowering small farmers, people of color and communities most oppressed by decades of cannabis prohibition.

“Good cannabis, like good music, can now be found coast to coast and with Rakim and Higher Frequency Flowers, BMG brings these two worlds together like never before,” organizers say.
Photo courtesy of Josephine & Billie’s


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