Hispanics See Blacks As Chicago’s Second Largest Racial And Ethnic Group: Census – Near West Side – Chicago


CHICAGO – Hispanics are officially the second largest ethnic or racial group in Chicago, according to census data released Thursday.

Hispanics made up 29.7% of Chicago’s population in 2016, according to census estimates. The population soared from 17,751 in the previous year to 803,476.

Meanwhile, the black population has fallen by more than 40,000 in one year. There are now 793,852 Blacks in Chicago, or about 29.3% of the population.

Since 2000, Chicago’s black population has fallen by more than 250,000 people.

Chicago’s largest racial group is White Residents. There are about 882,354 white Chicagoans, or about 32.6% of the population.

Alden Loury, director of research and evaluation for the nonprofit Metropolitan Planning Council, noted that the numbers could fluctuate in coming years due to how census estimates work, but also notes that the population of Chicago evolved this way.

“We knew it was going to happen. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly,” said Loury.

Loury said the recent Hispanic growth in the Chicago area was naturally due to births, not immigration. Unlike the black and white populations of the Chicago area, its Hispanic population is also younger.

“It’s a relatively young community,” Loury said. “It will take a certain level of maturity before we can see the full economic or political impact of the community.”


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