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NGO Dusun focuses on language

Published on: Tuesday 08 February 2022

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TAMBUNAN: The newly registered Sabah Dusunic Language Preservation Association (PPBDS) will focus on efforts to maintain ethnic wisdom through various programs aimed at strengthening the use of Sabah’s indigenous languages. PPBDS President, Datuk Lawrence Gimbang, said that the efforts that had been initiated before the Covid-19 pandemic hit would be continued in continuity with the various programs planned and implemented since the beginning. “As we know, more and more members of the multi-ethnic community in Sabah no longer use their native language in speech, so we are taking up the challenge to empower the use of ethnic language,” a- he declared.


Gimbang, a former Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly, said this when announcing the receipt of the association’s registration certificate from the Registrar of Companies Malaysia (ROS). Gimbang further pointed out that the registration of the language and culture-based organization gives more space to ethnic language activists to preserve the language through the implementation of various programs. “Our association was registered on January 28, 2022 and this gives us a platform to resume the efforts that were planned from the beginning,” Gimbang said. Gimbang invites all multi-ethnic communities, especially the younger generation, to start getting used to using their mother tongue in everyday conversation.


He explained that today, more and more members of the ethnic community no longer speak their mother tongue, so various relevant programs will be implemented to meet the essence of the objectives of the organization. Datuk Eric Majimbun (Vice President), Petrus F Guriting (Secretary), Damian Marcus Podtung (Assistant Secretary), Lothar Michael (Treasurer), Alex Kando and Sagoli Olid (Committee Members) also assisted Gimbang in registering the body. Gimbang believes that the vision of achieving unity among ethnic groups can be realized through the use of the mother tongue as well as cooperation in organizing various related programs. Before the pandemic hit, the agency’s management had organized several programs involving the Ethnic Language Preservation Seminar at the Penampang Library and programs with families in rural areas.
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