The elected republican takes part in the debate on the French language


Ottawa | According to a Republican representative from Wisconsin, clashes between phonographs and English speakers are at the root of Canada’s failure against the United States.

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“I never felt like Canada was as successful as the United States because, to some extent, their election turned the air on English speakers,” Glenn Krothman told the House of Representatives. Tuesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He then referred to the clashes between tribes in Africa and Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East, describing them as “rivalries between ethnic groups opposed to the elections”.

According to Lieutenant Alain Race of the Conservative Party in Quebec, the opposite is true.

Restores the image of Quebec

“Focusing on both official languages ​​is an invaluable strength for Canada. This makes us a nation unique in the world. The linguistic diversity of our country testifies to our rich history. “

Joanie Riopel, spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois, described Mr. Grothman’s speech as “an excellent example of profound ignorance of Quebec abroad”.

“To restore the image of Quebec”, the leader of the Bloc Yves-François Blanchet announced a diplomatic tour in September. New York Times And that Washington post Critical essays on secularism and language in Quebec.

Recovery plan

Mr Krothman attacked Canada’s language divisions in a speech opposing the post-epidemic stimulus package proposed by the Biden administration, which was due to be voted on in the House yesterday.

He thus explained his opposition to the elements of the program devoted to minorities and first countries.

He strongly opposes the Democrats’ plan, believing it will increase the flow of immigrants, to the chagrin of supporters of building walls on the Mexican border.

The debate continued as Justin Trudeau sought to persuade US President Joe Biden to drop many of the protectionist clauses in his stimulus package.


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