Understanding sign language communication, a new wave in many Nigerian homes – James Lalu


By Ere-ebi Agedah

Despite the distortions of communication within the deaf community, the executive secretary of the National Commission for the Disabled, Mr. James David Lalu, stressed the importance of understanding sign language among deaf people and members of their family.

In a press release from Head of Press and Public Relations, NCPWD, Mbanefo JohnMichaels noted that Lalu made the revelation while speaking to the press on International Sign Language Day.

Speaking at the 77th United Nations General Assembly held in New York, the H.E. described Nigeria as a unique country with over 200 ethnic groups and languages, which informed the Commission’s decision to develop a dictionary of sign language that takes ethno-diversity into consideration while interpreting.

“I am very impressed by some people who have decided to study sign language communication for the sake of their loved ones in the family, he said.

According to him, some of the hard of hearing people were already adults before they accidentally became deaf, which made it difficult for them to acclimatize to their new world.

The ES took the opportunity to call on education regulatory agencies to pay more attention to the teaching of sign language in various faculties of higher institutions.

Lalu also hinted that the NCPWD has met and worked with the National Commission for Colleges of Education to consider incorporating sign language learning into the curriculum of schools across the country.

He, however, decried the large number of deaf people who have not yet learned sign language for their effective communication with their counterparts in society.


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